This session will focus on key alignment in poses to cultivate a balance between strength and flexibility whilst working slowly and mindfully. The teacher will introduce the correct use of props to support participants in postures with slow and clear demonstrations to deepen participants understanding of key yoga poses.
Our bodies are all different and key alignment should be seen as a process rather than a result. Alignment is not about making the pose look pretty but about reaping the most benefits from the pose for the body and mind by approaching it with clarity and understanding.
Sessions will often have an anatomical focus offering students a deeper understanding of their body and the posture.
This session is suitable for all levels and is especially useful for those who are new to yoga or who may want to understand more about alignment of key poses.
This session will finish with deep relaxation to refresh the body and mind.

  • Time to listen to your body’s feedback developing mindfulness of posture.
  • Develop alignment in poses.
  • Develop a good balance of strength and flexibility.
  • Unlearn bad habits such as over- stretching.

  • Clear cues and demonstrations.
  • Repetition of postures for deeper learning
  • Correct use of props in poses
  • Time to reflect and relax