These sessions are an ideal stepping stone for people who have completed the 6 week Begin // Foundation Course or the 4 week Begin // Express Course at Yoga Kula and who are ready to grow and develop their practice. They are drop in sessions so you do not have to commit to the whole 6 weeks, and feel free to continue beyond the 6 weeks to grow even deeper roots. Those who are looking for a slower pace and more teacher support will also benefit from this session. Designed for students to explore different styles of yoga and begin to develop a deeper understanding of the key benefits of the various styles.


Each session in the series has a unique theme which explores a different yoga style.

GROUND – Grow in Hatha Yoga

FLOW – Grow in Gentle Flow

ENERGISE – Grow in Vinyasa Flow

STRENGTHEN – Grow in Ashtanga

NUTURE – Grow in Yin

CALM – Grow in Restorative

Within each session there is time and space to work with meditation, breath and mudra.

  • Broaden your practice
  • Deepen + refine your understanding of various styles of practice
  • Build on your technique
  • Expand and explore your own practice further
  • Learn how to practice safely
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence