Rise and shine in one of our morning Hatha class. Starting your day in the right way can mean it takes a more positive routeany bumps in the road can be handled with a calm and balanced mindAn early morning practice can be quite a challenging idea at first but when the habit is set you won’t want to stop and may even decide to start everyday with yoga! Starting the day with yoga you’ll soon experience the benefits as you stretch your body, awaken your mind and work out any kinks and tightness from your night’s sleep. After this yoga burst you will feel energised, mentally clear, notice increased flexibility and strength and be ready for the day ahead.

  • Taking time for yourself at the start of each day will encourage you to feel centred and  happy by building a healthy and consistent routine.
  • Early morning is a peaceful time with little distraction, it calms the mind and increases physical energy.
  • We’re strongest in the morning – Feel how strong you can be! 
  • Morning yoga wakes up the body and the soul.
  • Stretch and release stiff muscles and boost circulation.
  • Studies have also shown that morning movement improves sleep.