Thai Yoga Foot Massage is a wonderful massage of the feet and lower legs, where oil, acupressure and the famous Thai massage stick combine to produce a massage that leaves you feeling energised and rejuvenated. The pointed shape of this stick allows the masseur to apply precise pressure to energy points on the sole of the foot believed to influence the organs and tissues of the body, often with revitalising effects on the whole being.

The massage is, at 20 years, a relatively young technique in the Thai repertoire. It draws influence from ancient Japanese foot massage and reflexology practices combined with the principles of traditional Thai medicine, which aim to stimulate the 10 sen (energy lines), effecting a rebalancing of energy throughout the body.

The duration of a full Thai foot massage including bathing of the feet is just under an hour. Please note: viral and fungal infections such as verruca (plantar wart) or athlete’s foot are contraindicated in Thai foot massage.

athlete’s foot are contraindicated in Thai foot massage.

Susanne obtained her Thai Yoga Massage certificate from The School Of Thai Yoga Massage, London, after training for 2 years with founder Kira Balaskan and Amy Ku Reedler. This massage course is recognised by and affiliated to the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) and Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI) and meets the standard set by the associations. Susanne also completed her Chavutti Thirumal massage practice in 2013, studying with Prabhat Menon, the foremost practitioner and teacher from Kerala, India.