Teaching Pregnant Students.

Sat. 29th September

2pm – 7.30pm


Gain confidence, skills and knowledge to welcome pregnant students into your yoga classes. In this introductory course with Lara Heppell, you’ll learn how to guide and advise appropriately and adapt for needs at all stages of pregnancy.

Yoga is a fantastic tool to support women through their pregnancy, helping to prepare both body and mind for birth. We feel that it is really important that pregnant women have access the power of yoga, especially if they cannot or choose not to attend dedicated pregnancy yoga class. Having the tools as a teacher to help women become more aware and mindful of the changes going on during pregnancy and how these changes will influence their practice will allow pregnant students more accessibility to yoga.

You will learn:

  • how pregnancy and birth impact the body and deepen your understanding of the prenatal period
  • the benefits of yoga for pregnant women
  • about common problems and how yoga can help alleviate some of these issues
  • to support and advise your students on modifying their yoga practice to ensure it is safe and effective 
  • the forms and modifications of asana appropriate at all stages of their pregnancy
  • how to ask the right questions to determine which practices and modifications are most suitable
  • how to teach in a safe and appropriate way for your students
  • to understand when a regular class may not be suitable for a particular client
  • to enhance your existing skills and knowledge as a yoga teacher
  • the dos and don’ts of teaching pregnant students 
  • the different stages of pregnancy and the physiological, mental and emotional changes women can experience during this time

Together we will explore how we can best adapt popular yoga forms such as sun salutations to suit the changing needs of the pregnant body and we will also be looking at different breathing (pranayama) techniques to ensure that practices we give in classes to these women are safe and beneficial.

2pm - 4.30pm

  • short meditation and a simple accessible pregnancy-focused yoga class
  • Break down of the pregnancy experience and journey - the physical, emotional and psychological needs 
  • Outline of the common pregnancy-related issues e.g hormonal issues, SPD
  • Explore breathing techniques at various stages of pregnancy
  • Q and As
  • Relaxation


  • break

5pm - 7.30pm

  • practical workshop exploring alternative sun salutations, breaking down common asanas, learning modifications for each trimester, breathwork during pregnancy and in preparation for birth
  • Q and As on course content learnt, philosophy around teaching pregnant students as well as nourishment, community and sangha.

This course is for existing min 200 hour yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees or teachers considering becoming a fully accredited pregnancy yoga teacher in the future.

Yoga students with a dedicated practice who are thinking about getting pregnant or who are pregnant and would like to understand how best to support the changing needs of their body as they journey through pregnancy and beyond into motherhood are also welcome.

There will be a small amount of pre-reading and viewing to complete before attending this day course.

Yoga Kula is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This course does qualify for CPD credits which can be attributed to other study and teaching hours in your YAP career path progression. Certification will be provided at the end of the course.

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About Lara:

Lara Heppell is an experienced Senior Yoga Teacher accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for 20 years. Lara has a therapeutic and somatic approach to the Yoga that she teaches, helping to deepen your awareness through detailed instruction, imagery and mindful movements. Her classes are an invitation to move slowly with awareness from the inside of the body out. Lara see’s yoga as a way of undoing and unwinding, a way to get back in touch with the core of who we really are. Lara is also an Mizan Abdominal Massage Therapist, experienced Doula and holistic women’s wellness expert. She is the thinking woman’s Yoga teacher, helping you to get out of your head and into your body.

The courses will be led by our Well Woman and Pregnancy Yoga expert Lara Heppell who is a fully accredited SYT (YA UK), long time Pregnancy Yoga teacher with over 20 years practice (10 years teaching experience), experienced Doula and Mizan abdominal massage therapist, specialising in womb health and wellbeing.

This specific course will offer CPD points from YA UK that can be attributed to your YA career path.