Yoga Kula Teacher Guildelines

Welcome to the Yoga Kula team

About Yoga Kula

Yoga Kula is one of the most prominent studios in the north of England. We have a large range of classes and workshops, courses, retreats, a team of well trained inspirational yoga experts of whom we are very proud.

Yoga Kula has an amazing culture and a true dedication to supporting students on their yoga journey. We are proud of the reputation we have for running exciting activities, innovation and excellence.

Where it began

Yoga Kula was founded over 5 years ago by Angela Sykes. Angela dreamed of providing a friendly and supportive yoga home for students to develop an authentic yoga practice. Yoga Kula’s standards of customer service and professional approach to running the studio are of the highest priority. As well as being a fantastic place to practice and teach, Yoga Kula is a business and it is essential for it to continue to run activities that contribute financially to the studio.

Kula key objectives

  • To offer an amazing experience to students coming to the studio
  • To support and guide students on their yoga journey
  • Work in a way which reflects the Kula brand (see brand document)
  • Offer a professional and friendly service
  • To listen to what our students are telling us about their experiences and feeding back to Kula core team
  • Keep improving the students experience while maintaining our brand values

Teaching team expectations

We ask teachers to arrive 15-20 minutes before the class is due to start to sign in and prepare the room for the session – you may need to set out props for the session and prepare music.

We expect teachers to deal with students in a friendly and professional way at all times. If you cannot answer a question for a student please make a note so that the Kula team can pick it up the next day. Query record sheet is kept on the reception shelf.

Core Kula team

Angela – Founder and director –

Julia – Operations Co-ordinator –

Zoe  – Marketing Co-ordinator –

Ben – Marketing and operations support –

Victoria – Studio Co-ordinator –

Beth – Weekend Receptionist –

General emails can also be sent to:

General marketing emails can be sent to:

Keeping in touch

We will add you to a forwarding group email: You can contact all teaching staff this way.

We also have a Facebook staff group as a way to stay in touch. Victoria will add you to this.

Access to the building

You will need:

  • a set of keys –  if you are ever going to be first in or last out you will need a full set
  • training on the MINDBODY system. Your training will be with Julia – please book in a date for training with her.
  • To download the MINDBODY Express App – you can sign in to keep track of your classes.
  • If you are going to be locking up you will need to follow the Lock up Checklist found in reception. Victoria will supply you with all of the codes to get in and out of the building.

What we need from you before you start teaching at Kula:

  • Contact details and home address
  • Emergency contact – next of kin
  • CRB (if working with children or vulnerable people)
  • Yoga teaching insurance
  • First Aid certificate
  • Yoga yeacher certificate
  • Governing body information for the website such as IYN, YA.

Please send scanned copies of all certificates to us via email to keep on file prior to your first class. As a freelance yoga teacher it is your responsibility to ensure you are insured at all times while working at Yoga Kula and any accidents which occur must be recorded in our accident book and reported to Yoga Kula immediately via email on the same day as the incident occurred. Please include student(s) names and a detailed account of the incident.


Wages are paid at the end of the month. The date of pay will be communicated to you by email each month by Julia.

Class commitment

We change our timetable twice per year. Teachers are committed to their class for a full Kula term.

Class plans

We will periodically get in touch with teachers throughout the year to ask for class plans. These will feed into our marketing and content plans for communication with students. We’d like the promotion of the events, classes and activities to be a joint venture with our teachers and working together to create engaging and fresh content is key.

If you need cover

There is an expectation that most weeks you will be teaching the class. In the event of illness/being away, your class or classes can be covered by other members of the team. Please find cover for your classes from the cover list ensuring the person has the right skills. All short terms and long terms cover dates should be sent to Yoga Kula staff to update the online schedule. Short term cover (less than 2 weeks) requires 2 weeks email notice and longer terms cover (more than 2 weeks) requires 4 weeks email notice. 

Once cover is organised send an email confirming who is covering to Julia so that she can update MB. If the person you wish to cover for you is not on our cover list please get in touch before confirming with them.

Please get in touch with Julia if you have any other queries.


Workshops take place on Friday evenings, Sunday mornings and Saturday afternoons. If you would like to run a workshop at Kula email any ideas through to Victoria – we do not book any slots unless we know the basic content of the workshop. Victoria will go through the workshop process with you.

General Information

Angela and Victoria will have regular one to ones with teachers to chat about how things are going. We keep records of class numbers and if we see them falling we may schedule a meeting to see how we can develop the class further and make it more appealing to students.

Coming to class

As a member of the teaching team, you can attend daytime classes for £1.00 and evening and weekend classes for £1.50.

Angela sends out a monthly teacher’s email to keep the team updated. If you have anything to add to the monthly email let her know via email.

Marketing your activities at Kula

Keeping sessions busy and engaging is an ongoing process – stay in touch with the marketing team to ensure they understand what you and your class are about – the more exciting info we have the better we can market your activities. We post a blog each week – if you like to write this is a good way to draw attention to you and your activities at Kula.

Student newsletter

We send out a monthly student newsletter to keep students updated on things happening at the studio. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please get in touch with Zoe. You can also sign up on the website if you would like to receive this newsletter.

Let’s work together

If you have any issues or problems while working at Kula please feel free contact Victoria or Angela to discuss. We all want to work in a peaceful and co-operative environment so please do share any grievances.

Keeping things Kula

Yoga Kula is known for offering a high quality service, high quality yoga sessions and a friendly experience. This is all part of our identity. We will observe you in your first few weeks and if we feel you need extra training in any area we will chat this through with you.  Ask us if you would like to shadow a more experienced team member.

Know your studio

Please keep up to date with what we offer at Yoga Kula so you can answer student queries. Please be familiar with the other classes running at the studio, the workshops, courses and retreats and also what we are selling in the shop. At the end of your sessions (from time to time when and where it feels natural)  please try to share something, which is going on at the studio which might be of interest to students. Offer advice to students who are browsing workshops flyers or the shop if it feels natural. We need to use the opportunities presented to let students know what else is on offer at the studio and how they can become more immersed in the yoga lifestyle.

Keep an eye out for workshops, courses and retreats coming up that will fit well into a mention at the end of your class. No one likes to be ‘sold to’ so if you need help with making a ‘non salesy’ pitch this is something we can work on together.  


Your support with promotion is vital for keeping your activities at Kula attended. It’s helpful to have timetables and activity flyers with you and discuss the studio in a positive light. You are an ambassador for the Kula brand.

We are a team

Due to conflict of interest reasons we do not wish to work with any teachers with whom we are in direct and obvious competition. If you are planning to start anything yoga related in the Chapel Allerton area we request that you let us know.

There is an expectation that you do not advertise anything external to Kula at the Yoga Kula studio.

Keep Kula tidy

Please tidy the studio after you have finished your session. Please wash glasses and tidy props for the next teacher/class.

New students 

When a new student comes to Kula they need to fill in a registration form, be given a new timetable and added onto the MINDBODY system. Please ask them to leave their shoes outside the studio and take any valuables into the studio with them. All phones must be switched OFF – no phones are to be used in the studio. If a student wishes to make a call or send a text they can do so from the reception area.

Kuli records

It is part of your job to keep accurate records of students coming in and out through MINDBODY. Please let us know if you require additional training or if things crop up you don’t fully understand.

Communication with students

If you have any articles you would like to share with your students please send through to the marketing team so we can share them on social media, the website and other marketing channels. To protect student information and professional boundaries emails between teachers and students are not encouraged – if you would like to communicate with students please let us know and we can connect you.

Student data protection 

Please do not share student contact details unless you have been given instructions to do so by the student to whom the details belong. This includes any details pertaining to the student such as classes attended, contact details ie telephone number, address or email address and any other personal information.

Student/teacher confidentiality

There is no single teacher-student confidentiality at Yoga Kula. For reasons of health and safety and public liability Yoga Kula needs access to student information at all times. We can (and do) however offer confidentiality between student and Yoga Kula.

Yoga Kula confidentiality

Whilst you are working with Yoga Kula we share a mutual confidentiality agreement. All Yoga Kula branded documents, information and details are to be kept confidential and not to be discussed or shared with outside parties.

Credit/class passes

We do not give credit to students or allow them to come to class as an ‘Unpaid’ student. There is a cash point near the studio if students need to take out cash. 

Please use your discretion from time to time – we have clear rules but also understand there are sometimes exceptional circumstances.  If you are unsure, please leave clear notes of any queries and student contact details for the Kula staff. 

Class passes are extended for the Christmas and Easter holidays only – we do not extend class passes for Bank Holidays.  Any requests for extensions and refunds must be sent by students to

Please see the website for full terms and conditions around extensions and refunds.


We have four parking spaces in the car park at the rear of the studio marked with a Yoga Kula plaque which you are welcome to use with a permit. Students will also need to collect a permit which are kept on the reception shelf. They can only park in a Yoga Kula marked bay. There is also lots of street parking at the rear of the building and further up and down Harrogate Road.

Health and safety

The Yoga Kula fire procedure is located on the wall in the studio. You inductor will go through this with you.

Please make sure all candles and incense are extinguished before you leave the studio. The building must be left secure and the alarm set. Your inductor will give you the exit and entry codes and show you how to lock up and set the alarm.

The first aid kit, accident book and fire extinguisher are on site in reception. Your inductor will show you where they are located.

Any damages or losses to Yoga Kula property must be reported to Victoria as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the guidelines and welcome to the Yoga Kula team.