There are a range of benefits to pracPregnancy yogaticing yoga during pregnancy and it is especially important to do a regular pregnancy yoga class for many reasons, including helping you stay in shape, promoting inner balance and calm, providing the Mother-to-be with much needed time and space to connect with oneself and the baby or babies and promote restful sleep. Pregnancy classes are also a great way to meet other Mums-to-be who might be due around a similar time to you, creating a beautiful network for you once the baby your baby has been born.

Yoga Kula has two regular pregnancy classes every week, Tuesday at 6:30pm taught by Lara Heppell and Saturday at 12:30pm recently taken over by Catherine Rosenthall.

We caught up with Catherine to find out a bit more about her Saturday classes…

Catharine Rosenthall - Yoga Gently

“Hello, I’m Catharine and I’m now teaching the Saturday pregnancy yoga class. I trained in pregnancy yoga a year ago with the fabulous Uma Dinsmore Tuli. I’m also a Pilates teacher, trained in ante/post natal pilates so hope to bring lots of pelvic stabilising work to class, which is a fantastic way to prevent and ease pelvic pain in pregnancy.

I’m also a nurse practitioner specialising in women’s health and I am a qualified obstetric nurse ultrasonographer, so I’m pretty passionate about women’s health issues!

I’m hoping that my classes will build strength and stability, relieve stress and anxiety and provide a nourishing, nurturing environment to enable mum and baby connection. There’ll be lots of yummy, supported restorative poses as I also teach restorative yoga at Kula, these promote relaxation, deep rest and calm. Happy Mama, happy baby!

Look forward to seeing you in class x”


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Our other pregnancy yoga teacher Lara is running a Birth Preparation workshop on Saturday 19th November for couples.