As a teacher, it is so important to regularly attend yoga classes, workshops and intensives as well as having a committed and regular self-practice.

I attend between 4-6 Yoga Kula classes per week as I really love the teachers and the styles we offer.

Every Wednesday I attend Isabel’s Forrest Yoga class. I love this class for several reasons.

Reason 1 – THE HEAT

The Forrest Inspired class is set in a warm room. I don’t like to be too hot when I practice but I like the light heat during this class. Kula’s infrared heaters also help heal injuries so I see the class as a time to practise and a time for deep physical healing due to the infrared.

Reason 2 – THE TEACHER

Isabel is a gentle and inspiring teacher who has an amazing yoga practice. I know I am going to learn something new whenever I attend her classes. Isabel has trained with Ana Forrest the founder of Forrest Yoga so I know I am getting the lessons directly from the innovator.


I like to feel relaxed and strong – to stay strong it is important to have a regular yoga practice in which you are working with poses to build deep strength. Forrest Yoga has long holds in postures which is challenging but a great way to build mental and physical strength. We also have chance to play with gentle and challenging flows, arm balancing postures, work towards deeper backbends and deeper versions of poses. The classes are always layered so students can go to where the are in the pose.

Forrest Inspired Yoga takes place at Yoga Kula every Wednesday 11.30am-12.30pm with Isabel Slingerland.