My Class

My personal yoga instruction philosophy includes guiding students through a challenging but energizing classes with focus on breath and movement. Balancing flexibility and strength training while encouraging a comprehensive yogic lifestyle. Incorporating the physical understanding and background of contemporary dance the yoga classes will be provided with flow and the focus of smoothly connecting various asanas and breath whilst encouraging joy, well being, self – empowerment and overcoming life’s stress and obstacles.

My Yoga Journey

I got introduced to yoga by Makiku Kurata about 10 years ago. She has been an inspiring teacher and got me addicted to the yogic Lifestyle.

Living and working as a professional contemporary dancer Yoga has since been a part of my daily life. Learning how to initiate and connect breath to my movement has been eye-opening and the benefits Yoga brought into my Life are numerous.

I soon decided to begin a teacher course in order to share Yoga and the happiness and joy it gives me with the people around me.

My Credentials

After only one year of practice I decided I wanted to become a Yoga Instructor. Under the guidance of Makiku Kurata I started a Yoga Teacher Course and started teaching in 2014.

After training with various different Yogis in Germany and Switzerland I travelled to India to deepen my practice. It was in Rishikesh that I decided to do a 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training led by Neeraj Bajaj with Ravi Prashad (Ashtanga), Sajaan Negi (Philosophy), and Vikas Singh Bisht (Hatha).

I am certified with Yoga Alliance.