My Classes

My classes aim to help students find mental and physical balance and stability with a focus on alignment and breathing. I also like to incorporate deeply meditative and grounding practices to calm and nourish the body.

My Yoga Journey

I discovered and fell in love with yoga as a teenager; my first teacher was an inspirational Iyengar Yoga teacher who helped me form a dedicated practice. Since then I’ve maintained a regular practice to keep the balance and energy in my life whilst being a parent, a teacher and to cope with the everyday stresses and strains of modern life that we all have.

My Credentials

My most recent yoga trainings were with Donna — Origins of Alignment; Norman Blair -Yin intensive; structural yoga anatomy with Jambo Dragon (2 day); Julie Gudmstead anatomy of the feet and legs; and Eyal Chanowski’s weekend masterclasses beautifully grounded in Qi Gong and Vinyasa Flow.
With over 30 years of yoga practice, this has given a balanced experience of Yoga through life stages giving me experience deepened through time. The last couple of years my meditation practice has spontaneously started to include Nada Yoga, yoga of sound, therefore it has been a natural progression to bring the beauty of sound to calm and nourish and also as a meditative tool, into my yoga teaching. The focus of my classes includes deepening the connection to yourself tuning in where there is always a well of peace, whether it’s the stronger physical practices or meditation. in 2008 Julia qualified as an Ashtanga yoga teacher with Brian Cooper at Yoga Alliance Professionals and is presently a Chartered Level 2 qualified teacher.