Inspired by our popular Vinyasa Flow classes, Flow + Reset offers a flowing vinyasa practice at a slower and more relaxing pace to gently warm the body, moving slowly in a meditative way with time to pause and notice the effect of the flow on the body and mind.

As tensions are released from the body through the fluid movement set to music you will begin to slow down more until you find yourself holding settling yin poses. Yin Yoga offers space to meditate in poses which bring a deep opening to the joints and a soothing calm to the nervous system, leaving you feeling warmed, grounded, present and reset for the rest of your day.

  • Build strength and gain flexibility
  • Learn to breathe whilst moving, to boost energy levels and fuel the practice
  • Aid relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Balance a hectic life/mind with its meditative focus, encouraging Alpha-theta brainwave activity, leaving you alert and relaxed. Gravity and breath draw you deep into postures, releasing tension and steadying the mind.
  • Complement dynamic practices such as Ashtanga, Flow and Hot yoga with a cooling, meditative approach.
  • Foster emotional, physical and spiritual self-awareness.
  • Reduce stress by bringing the parasympathetic nervous system into play (which aid rest and digestion).
  • Deeper focus.
  • Reduction of  tension and stress-induced musculoskeletal imbalances.