Dynamic Hatha is a challenging session which offers participants the opportunity to explore a selected sequence of dynamic hatha yoga postures. Each session will have a chosen focus or theme such as alignment, observation of breath, energetic efficiency in postures, clarity of mind or observation and cultivation of prana (life force). Participants will be guided through postures building up to more dynamic versions to wake the body up and maintain awareness.

As with all Kula sessions postures will be taught in ‘layers’ meaning participants get the option to stop off at the version of the pose which is right for them – students who are more advanced will be guided into deeper variations. Regular participants will build deep strength, increase flexibility and build confidence in more advanced postures and transitions between postures. There will be time built into each session to play with inversions, arm balances and deeper, more challenging variations.

Sessions will always be drawn to a gentle close through a deep relaxation to refresh the body and calm the mind after this dynamic practice.

This session is an opportunity for participants of all levels to work in a more dynamic and physically challenging way. This session is not suitable for those are brand new to yoga or have never worked with movement before.

  • Increase flexibility and build strength
  • Develop a deeper asana practice
  • Cultivate and train clarity of mind, concentration
  • Overcome physical and psychological barriers
  • Increase energy
  • Build a deeper connection between breath, body and mind