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moon sequence

Moon Sequence.

Friday 23rd March
The moon sequence is a dynamic yet nourishing set sequence practice which works in harmony with yang practices such as Ashtanga. The moon sequence was created by an Ashtanga practitioner called Matthew Sweeny as a way to restore the body on moon days where our energies need support and balancing. There is plenty of time to work with the shoulders which can get quite built up after all of those chaturangas!

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Saturday 24th March
Soothing holds in each posture will allow your body to release.

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Inner Light Yoga Nidra Workshop

Inner Light Nidra

Sunday 25th March
An inner light Nidra workshop to calm and soothe.

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Rocket & Restore Workshops

Rocket and Restore.

Saturday 31st March
This workshop combines the dynamic and energetic Rocket practice with a deep relaxation.

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Gong Bath Stillness

Gong Bath.

Friday 6th April
7:30pm – 9pm
Relax and restore with a Friday night Gong Bath with Roisin Kiernan.

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Strength + Stillness.

Saturday 7th April
Do you want to build your strength and stillness through yoga? Are you are looking to advance your yoga practice? Do you want to develop your arm balances and inversions?

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beginners yoga

Centred. Discover your Psoas.

Sunday 8th April
Discover and explore your psoas with the wonderful Lara Heppell. You will learn that the psoas is not merely a muscle but also a primal messenger of the central midline that connects deep within the core of our being.

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Reiki Level 2 Leeds

Reiki Level 2 Attunement Day

Saturday 10th March
2pm – 6pm
Discover the art of Reiki and become a Level 2 Reiki therapist.

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Yoga for Cyclists.

Friday 20th April
Learn about stretches, strength work and recuperative poses specifically geared to cyclists.

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Fascia + Yoga.

Saturday 21st April
Join Eyal Chehanowski for a special workshop which will explore how our yoga practice and working deeply with fascia can relieve pain and stress.

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Vishuddha chakra: Sound // Silence Yin Workshop

Friday 27th April
A deeply quietening Vishuddha chakra Yin yoga workshop.

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somatic approach

Somatic Approach // Between Knowing and Not Knowing.

Saturday 28th April
2pm – 6pm
A somatic approach to yogic movement inquiry widens the perceptive field to notice moments of change in the patterns of body and mind.

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Yang and Yin

Shakti // Yin

Sunday 20th May
12pm – 3pm
Learn the importance of finding balance to our Yang lifestyle.

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jambo truong yoga

Experiential Anatomy + Bodywork Immersion.

Mon. 10th – Fri. 14th September
This five day immersion with Jambo Truong highlights the key structural muscles that every yoga teacher needs to know about.

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