Friday 29th September 2017

7pm – 9pm

£16.50 early bird before 22nd September or £20 thereafter

Explore deep hip and front body stretches combined with sound and meditation and take your time to explore the stomach and spleen meridian. This energy channel is linked with positive emotions such as trust, honesty, openness and balance, as well as cleansing and modify the blood and the body’s Yi (or wisdom mind).

Working with the vibrational energy of making sound with our breath – our bodies as instruments, and also making group sound to heighten our sense of expanded ‘we’ over ‘me’. This enhanced relaxation and stillness we will leave you feeling deeply nourished and balanced.

We will focus on rejuvenating the natural strength and length of the connective tissue (fascia) of the body that may have been lost due to aging, diet, stress or lifestyle. This connective tissue focus in Yin Yoga, combined with mindful muscle relaxation promotes the healthy flow of qi (energy) within the body, bringing to balance mental, physical and emotional health.

During the workshop, we will also work with meditation and the basics of cooling the limbic system in the brain; and why it’s so important for us to have access to regular deep relaxation to develop the freedom gained by this from our over-stimulating and busy world.

About Julia

With over 25 years of yoga practice, in 2008 Julia qualified as 200-hour yoga teacher with Brian Cooper at Yoga Alliance Professionals and is presently a Chartered Level 2 qualified teacher. Julia’s recent trainings were with Donna Farhi -Origins of Alignment 5 day intensive , Norman Blair 5 day Yin intensive, 2 day structural yoga anatomy with Jambo Dragon, and Eyal Chanowski’s weekend masterclasses beautifully grounded in Qi Gong and Vinyasa Flow.

The last couple of years my meditation practice has spontaneously started to include Nada Yoga, yoga of sound, therefore it has been a natural progression to bring the beauty of sound to calm and nourish and also as a meditative tool, into my yoga teaching. The focus of my classes includes deepening the connection to yourself tuning in where there is always a well of peace, whether it’s the stronger physical practices or meditation.