What my classes are like

As a teacher with a strong anatomical background, I focus on alignment, but also ask students to listen to their body, to discover what feels right.  My classes encourage students to challenge themselves physically and mentally, however it is important that yoga feels good for the body, soul and heart and this is what I want to share with our students in my classes.

My journey into yoga

My yoga fascination began in childhood whilst watching my mother doing shoulder stands and resting in Savasana on the living room floor. I started with a daily home practice, and this was the first step towards a life-changing journey. Yoga teaches me to listen to myself and to trust what I hear. 

My study and credentials

I completed my physiotherapy education and took part in my first yoga course in 2000, which led to my teacher training at Yoga Works in New York with an emphasis on Ashtanga Yoga. I have also completed a 150-hour Yoga for Cancer Survivors Program in London.