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Rituals are powerful. They help improve mood, confidence and lower anxiety.

Start your day powerfully with gratitude, affirmations and intentions. By learning morning rituals with Naama, you can carry the benefits with you throughout your day. Naama will take you through different techniques which you can incorporate into your own daily schedule.

The workshop will include a 45 minute yoga practice including a grounding meditation, seated stretches, Sun Salutations A and B, standing postures and bridge, three final seated poses of the Ashtanga sequence and savasana.

You will explore Japa mala meditation and Ayurvedic self-care rituals including oil pulling, tongue scraping, dry brushing, oil bath and abhyanga (moisturising with warm oil).

There is also time for discussions and questions. All are welcome.

Feel: Relaxed, inspired, healthy, supported, full of self-love and compassion

Open to: Women, people who want to take their practice and wellbeing to the next level, anyone with stressful jobs, entrpenuers and care takers

What to bring: Please bring a notebook, wear comfortable yoga clothes and something warm.

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Beginners Yoga Course

Naama Zusman.


What my classes are like

I meet my students where they are. I inspire and challenge them to go out of their comfort zone while providing a safe and enjoyable space to explore, grow and deepen their practice.

My journey into yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2004, when I joined my very first Hatha yoga class. Few years later I discovered the practice of Ashtanga yoga and was immediately hooked up. It didn’t take long before I became fully devoted to the traditional method, and more than just a practice, it became a way of life.

My study and credentials

I completed my Yoga Alliance yoga Intensive Training with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldman at the Miami Life Centre in 2014 and have been teaching since.

I’ve had the privilege of practicing with numerous authorized teachers and most importantly I travelled to Mysore, India to practice under the guidance of R.Sharath Jois in 2016 and 2017.

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