Friday 20th October 2017

7:15pm – 9pm

£16.50 earlybird before 13th October, £20 thereafter

If you ever experience stiffness in your shoulders and hips the Moon Sequence is the perfect choice of practice for you.

A slow moving class where you hold postures for longer and take time to listen, move inwards and reduce tension.

The Moon Sequence workshop will be a great supplement to other more dynamic classes like Flow, Ashtanga and Hot Yoga.

You will start the class with a seated meditation, and then move into a series of standing, seated and reclining postures – we’ll put in the work to get the best results. The class ends with a soothing relaxation.

This Sequence is a clever composed set series, meaning that you will become familiar it, and be able to practice it at home anytime you need to slow down and loosen up.

A real Friday treat – you will leave feeling calm, quiet and relaxed. This session is open to all – no previous experience required!

About Kirsten

As a teacher with a strong anatomical background, I focus on alignment, but also ask students to listen to their body, to discover what feels right.  My classes encourage students to challenge themselves physically and mentally, however it is important that yoga feels good for the body, soul and heart and this is what I want to share with our students in my classes.

My journey into yoga began in childhood whilst watching my mother doing shoulder stands and resting in Savasana on the living room floor. I started with a daily home practice, and this was the first step towards a life-changing journey. Yoga teaches me to listen to myself and to trust what I hear.