Friday 13th October 2017

7:30pm – 9pm

£14 early bird when booked before 6th October £17.50 thereafter.

Relax, unwind and restore with a Friday evening Gong Bath with Roisin and Dee.

The gongs vibrations are a healing tool for the nervous system, a tired body and an overworked mind. The healing vibrations also stimulate the glandular system to a higher level of functioning, flushing out any blockages or toxins and clearing the chakras (energy centres) of the body allowing a freer flow of prana throughout the systems.

Roisin’s gong is tuned to the planet Neptune, which works to break down the illusions created by the mind, whilst simultaneously recreating a feeling of unity. It’s watery in nature, pushing through blockages in emotions and offering a sense of deep relaxation.

Dee’s gong is tuned to the planet Pluto and has a deeply harmonic frequency which cocoons and supports you in a blanket of sound allowing deep relaxation and inner harmony.

All you have to do is arrive, get comfortable with the use of supportive yoga props, start to relax and let the vibrations of the planet gongs wash over you. You will leave feeling relaxed, calm and tuned into the cosmos.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

About Roisin

What my classes are like

I always encompass music into my classes and enjoy adding shamanic style elements using journeying and visualisation techniques in meditation as well as the enriching medicinal properties of cacao. I’m passionate about sharing with students the transformative capacity of yoga and self-discovery.

My journey into yoga

My troubled teenage years brought me to yoga and my journey has been a constant evolution and discovery.

My study and credentials

I was a music journalist for several years and then re-trained in Kundalini and Starchild Yoga and have practiced Ashtanga Yoga extensively.

About Dee

I have undertaken training with the playing of the gone under Mehtab Benton, (who is the originator of Gong Yoga), and Graham Baxter at Emmerson College in July 2014 and since then have regularly provided gong baths for different groups and events.

I am able to Gong privately, one to one or small parties or within social festival settings.