This class is inspired by Forrest Yoga, a modern style of Yoga founded by internationally recognised yoga teacher Ana Forrest. The class focuses on the Forrest Yoga principals of breath, strength, integrity and spirit using Forrest Yoga postures put together in a flowing sequence.

This is a level 2 class, which means that it’s a great class for students who want to challenge their practice in a safe and playful environment. The great thing about Forrest Yoga is that each posture even the advanced ones have different options to down level and up level. This means that every individual can approach each posture on their own level and tailor each posture to their own needs. The room will be heated to 25-28 degrees, to create a rejuvenating sweat.

Forrest Inspired Yoga is taught by Isabel Slingerland every Wednesday at 11:30-12:30pm.

  • Growing your physical health and strength.
  • It is very beneficial for people who are working with injuries, because Forrest Yoga is a therapeutic practise both emotionally and physically.
  • Due to there being a lot of focus on abdominal exercises, a big benefit is gaining core strength, which also helps with back issues.
  • Emotional benefits, such as stress relief and emotional healing.
  • Finding a deeper connection to the breath
  • The heat wil encourage a bit of a sweat and will help the body to detox.