Embodied Intention + Yoga.

Saturday 17th March



Shape a powerful intention, or ‘sankalpa’ in Sanskrit, this spring with Beverley Nolan. Your sankalpa will be something that will give strength and momentum to your vision, hopes and dreams.

We will use meditation, self-reflection, self-coaching and creative journaling techniques to craft the intention, use active asana practice to tune into and cultivate its feeling and finally seal it all with a Yoga Nidra practice.

The workshop has both active and self-reflective content, but the main aim is to identify a clear intention that is supported by a felt-sense in the body of that intention and its outcomes.

You will come away from this workshop with an empowered feeling that it really is possible to live up to the best of yourself. Once your sankalpa is clearly formed you can take this with you into your daily and regular yoga practice. 

Please bring a notebook and coloured pens or pencils and a light snack with you. This workshop is suitable for all bodies and all levels of yoga experience. No previous journaling experience required.

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Beverly Nolan

I have been a yoga teacher and trainer for more than 30 years, (E-RYT500, IYN-500, BWY-RT) and a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator for more than 10 years (DipIBMT).

My practice has evolved hugely from my Iyengar roots and for some time my practice and teaching has been inspired by somatic practices like BodyMind Centering and Feldenkrais. As well as class teaching and teacher training, I have a private practice in Cambridge helping others find renewed embodiment by exploring new ways to think, feel and move through the body. In the main, I work with clients experiencing chronic stress, fatigue or a general “stuckness” in their personal or professional lives to develop greater clarity and presence.

I find myself as an advocate for making yoga and yoga trainings as accessible as possible and I am the Founder and Director of Studies at Barefoot Body Training Ltd. We are in our fledgling year and setting our course to ensure all our trainings offer an embodied approach to practice and teaching that is trauma-informed and inspired by accessibility and inclusivity. We also put professional ethics at the heart of all that we do.

I have completed a Foundation Level of study in TC-TSY (trauma-sensitive yoga) and a professional training with Yoga Outreach. I am working with colleagues to develop a Trauma Informed Yoga Project in Cambridge, bringing the benefits of yoga and movement based practices to individuals in their recovery process. I am also a certified teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles – a method that lies at the threshold of yoga practice and self-coaching.

I am a faculty Member for the Institute of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, delivering experiential study of the body systems and developmental movement patterns in the UK, Russia and Lithuania.

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