Earth + Water.

Friday 16th March



The season of spring is governed by earth and water so this workshop will honour our seasonal connection to everything around us by exploring these elements in our practice of yoga and life.
‘Pancha Mahabhutas‘ is Sanskrit for Five Great Elements. In ancient yoga and ayurvedic medicine, the five elements are the building blocks making up everything in the universe including all that exists in nature and the human body:
We are all one of the same thing; our individual consciousness deeply rooted in universal consciousness.
Each element offers its own unique qualities to our experience of living and form the basis of our connection to everything around us including our yoga practice. Working with the elements in our yoga practice offers a deep insight into the laws of nature, how the universe works and a knowing through experience that the universe exists within each of us. Inner balance depends on the harmonious balance or ‘dance’ of the five elements- yoga helps to purify the elements and restore our inner balance.
Using a combination of intention, pranayama, asana and mantra we will introduce and harmonise these two key elements.
We begin with a dynamic flow taking on a dance like quality to music supporting us find the softness and fluidity of our inner jala (water). Inhibitions melt away as you learn to bind and release like water, moving with freedom and ease. Feel supple and adaptable like water with peaceful stillness as you connect with the stability and security of earth
Our water element practice is followed and balanced by a grounding sequence designed to cultivate our prithvi (earth element), awaken Mula Bandha (root lock)and clarify its deep connection to Muladhara (root chakra).
With more knowledge of the elements we can call on them in life when we need their support. If we feel anxious or are losing our balance in a yoga pose call on the inner earth element to ground us, if we feel our movement through life is blocked or yoga practice feels rigid call on the inner water element to show us how to flow.
Learn about the elements and then know they are always there within us and ready to support us in our yoga practice and life.
Leave this workshop feeling:
Open to all levels including those new to yoga.
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Anna Hildreth

Anna believes that yoga is a philosophical life training and with practice you can gain a sense of empowerment and inner stillness which transfer into every aspect of life.

Yoga and nature in harmony have led Anna down a delightful path of wakefulness, compassion and contentment. Her classes are often inspired by nature’s elements allowing her students to connect more deeply to their surroundings.

In India she lived a simple life of purity and tranquillity learning from Hatha and Ashtanga masters. With her breadth of experience Anna discovered that she enjoyed most the creativity of Vinyasa Flow. She has since been offering well-structured, dynamic and playful classes with the perfect balance of Indian traditions and the ‘exercise part’! She practices Ashtanga and Yin yoga regularly and enjoys fusing elements of the series into her flow classes.

Anna is a physiotherapist, her passion for the body’s capabilities and her anatomical knowledge enable her to interweave intelligent alignment cues into her sequences. Her classes are focussed, meditative and leave you feeling calmer, healthier, happier and in love with yoga!

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