Earth Flow.

Friday 26th January



Join Angela to connect with your inner Earth Element, turn your attention inward, take stock and deeply surrender. The colder months are the perfect time for us to become quiet, take time to reflect and prepare to build a steady foundation from which we can grow and flourish in the year ahead.
This workshop opens with a stilling meditation followed by reflective journaling to help us to delve into the past year and reflect on what really served us. We move into an Earth Flow set to relaxing meditative tones allowing us to connect with the Earth element which exists within each of us and begin to understand it’s power to support us in our lives. A connection to the Earth Element offers inner stability and equanimity to support ourselves and those around us. If we are truly grounded in ourselves we can let go and from that deep letting go and inner trusting we are propelled forward with a sense of ease into anything we choose to manifest in 2018.


We will seal our session together with a grounding herbal tea and time to chat with like-minded people in our welcoming reception space.

All levels are welcome. Some yoga experience desirable. Please bring a notebook and pen.

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Angela Sykes.


My classes
I combine a fusion of east meets west, encouraging students to embrace a spirit of acceptance for what ‘is’ in the present moment, let go of ego and any external comparisons. I want to help others blossom in their practice and life by nurturing body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga and a deep dedication to using the practice as a tool to self inquiry. My hope is that students step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. I believe yoga is the most effective tonic for a modern life.
My classes range from dynamic to soothing. Expect to be guided into a meditative asana practice with time for reflection, breathing, mudra and mantra. I teach yoga in a holistic way with a deep connection and understanding of the Eastern approach to well being.

My yoga journey
I started my journey into health and yoga when I lived in Japan and deepened my practice by living in India. I set up Kula to grow a like-minded yoga community in Leeds. Yoga is such a big part of my life and has given me so much. Kula is my way of sharing the amazing transformative benefits of practicing yoga. I want create a ripple effect in peoples lives – helping others to live in a positive way and influence those around them.

My credentials and self development
I have studied with world-renowned teachers in both India and the west including BKS Iyengar and his associates in Pune, Bharat Shetty and the Kumar brothers Vijay and Vinay in Mysore, India. My further training in the UK and India has been vast and varied with senior teachers including David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Julie Gudmestad and Jambo Dragon.
I continue to expand my yoga knowledge with regular further yoga study and opportunities for self inquiry and development through vipassana meditation, jung shim and regular trips to India.

Angela is as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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