Sunday 10th September 2017
Sunday 15th October 2017

11am – 3pm

£38.50 for single sessions or £70 for the full course (£35 per session).

The modules on this workshop can be booked individually or together.

Deep Tissue Massage Workshop 1:

Explore the parallels between Deep Tissue Massage work and the bodywork of yoga. Massage and yoga have similar outcomes for the body in that they:
i) promote relaxation
ii) bring an awareness to the body
iii) stretch soft tissue
iv) allow us to be present
v) focus on breath to calm the parasympathetic nervous systemLearn the basic massage movements needed to palpate and assess soft tissue (muscle, ligament & tendon).

After this workshop you will be able to treat friends and family using the principles learnt. Unlike other courses when you forget what you have learnt as soon as you step out the room, this will give you the confidence by using simple principles and techniques that you can then repeat at home.

Anyone is welcome. No previous massage experience is needed so the workshop will be suitable for yoga teachers, therapists and those wanting to learn new skills. A great skill to learn with a partner or come alone, there is always someone to practice with!

Wear loose fitting clothing. Bring two towels and a light lunch.

Deep Tissue Massage Workshop 2:

Many injuries, whether acute or chronic are not established in a sporting context. In this workshop we will look at the what, why and when or how strains and sprains present themselves and the all important question: what do we do to help them?

This workshop will allow you to further develop basic massage movements into techniques required to treat injured soft tissue (muscle, ligament & tendon) by learning at what stage to treat muscles tears that may have come on suddenly or have progressed over time.

Wear loose fitting clothing. Bring two towels and a light lunch.

This workshop will be suitable for those with some previous Massage experience.

About Harriet

Harriet is Kula’s resident massage therapist specialising in Sports & Remedial Massage. She has been teaching people how to massage for 10 years and will be facilitating a Yoga for injuries module on the forthcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course. Coming from a background of working with injuries at Northern Ballet she thoroughly understands and appreciates the power yoga has on rehabilitation.