Cool, calm, connected

Saturday 3rd March



This workshop is all about creating a safe space. A chance to slow down.
Anxiety is something that seems to be affecting more of us than ever. Whether it’s a more frequent occurrence or the topic is simply becoming less ‘taboo’, it’s there. We may feel pressure from external forces but the reality is that the sense of urgency that comes with having anxiety is an internal job.
The workshop will begin with slow, simple flows moving gently into stillness. We will work on cultivating peace, grounding and drawing the breath, body and mind into the present moment to give our deep being a sense of safety and allow it to let go. Indulge in the bliss of simply being and take away techniques to continue this practice into daily life.
This workshop is open to all levels. This session is open for all to join, if you are going through a period of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, anger or fatigue. Please wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

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Beginners Yoga Course

Ella Young

What my classes are like
I like to draw on the feminine energy in my yoga classes. We all have a yin side which is softer, more inward and more vulnerable, yet today’s society encourages us to see this side of ourselves as a downfall, when really it is to be honoured and celebrated. This does not mean ‘easy’ classes; it means the ability to find ease in disease, comfort in discomfort, and strength from softness.

My journey into yoga
I had my first insight to yoga at 16; this progressed and I took classes throughout university. It was when I graduated that I made it a priority and chose to move to Australia for a few months to travel and immerse myself in the practice of yoga. Little did I know quite how powerful, rewarding and fulfilling this ancient system was and what was to be 5 months, soon over took two years.

My study and credentials
After practicing and studying with Power Living in Sydney, I moved to Byron Bay where I spent a year studying at Byron Yoga Centre, gaining my level 1, 2, 3 & Cert 4 (800hr) in Yoga Teacher Training while also teaching classes at an osteopath.

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