Birth Preparation.

Sunday 28th January



Our fabulous Birth Preparation workshop has been lovingly designed by Lara to help women and their birth partners / supporters prepare for the amazing experience of birth.
The session will begin and end with relaxing hypnobirthing practices which you will receive copies of to listen again at home.

During the rest of the session we will discuss birth from a natural physiological perspective and provide you with a safe, open and nurturing space in which to gain new skills and confidence, discuss birth (in a non-medical setting) as a couple or in a small workshop environment with other parents-to-be.

We like to think of this session as a dress rehearsal for birth, including:

  • Active Birth and Movement Techniques – a blend of birth ball work, rebozo, active birthing positions as well as helpful yoga movements
  • Sensation Management Techniques – includes powerful breathing techniques, practical Birth Skills, the power of scent and practical skills such as active legs in labour, the use of props and partner support techniques
  • Breathing, Affirmation, Visualisation & Relaxation practices – supplying you with a variety of techniques designed to support you through each stage of your labour, whether to help you find some balance, peace and calm, inner vitality and rejuvenation or as a support to help manage strong sensations as labour progresses through to transition
  • Birth Partner Preparation – learn practical skills like the “hip squeeze”, useful massage and stretching techniques or rebozo skills to use to help relax and support mum in labour…practice makes perfect!

The session will enable you as a couple to work together, gain new skills and confidence and more importantly discover what you both want from your birth experience. It is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to connect with your baby and explore what support might mean for you, how you can work together to empower the mother and create an environment that promotes calm and relaxation for both you and baby.

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Lara Heppell

What my classes are like

My classes have a meditative focus, where breath awareness, mindful movement and flow are important, opening up space in both the body and mind, an invitation to unfold. My classes aim to build inner strength, stamina and tone, with integrity, whilst at the same time inviting you to relax, let go and have fun.

My journey into yoga

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for twelve. Originally trained in dance, I discovered Dynamic yoga in 2000 and was hooked and went on to train as a Dynamic Yoga teacher with Godfrey Devereux, the founder of “Windfire Yoga”.

My study and credentials

In 2008 I travelled to India to study yoga, philosophy and Vedic chanting . I then went on to train in children’s yoga and Pre and Postnatal yoga and Well Woman Yoga therapy . My most influential teachers now are Uma Dinsmore Tuli , Judith Hanson Lasater and Angela Farmer. I’m also a registered Doula and Mizan abdominal massage therapist assisting women at the birth of their babies and with their womb health . More recently I’ve undertaken extensive training in Restorative yoga and Hypnoyoga for birth.

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